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Peer-reviewed research

Foxn4 promotes gene expression required for the formation of multiple motile cilia.

Campell EP*, Quigley IK,* Kintner C. Development, 2016, *co-first authors

Rfx2 stabilizes Foxj1 binding at chromatin loops to enable multiciliated cell gene expression.

Quigley IK and Kintner C. biorXiv, 2016; PLoS Genetics, 2017

Genome evolution in the allotetraploid frog Xenopus laevis.

Session AM, Uno Y, Kwon T, Chapman JA, Toyoda A, Takahashi S, Fukui A, Hikosaka A, Suzuki A, Kondo M, van Heeringen SJ, Quigley I, Heinz S, Ogino H, Ochi H, Hellsten U, Lyons JB, Simakov O, Putnam N, Stites J, Kuroki Y, Tanaka T, Michiue T, Watanabe M, Bogdanovic O, Lister R, Georgiou G, Paranjpe SS, van Kruijsbergen I, Shu S, Carlson J, Kinoshita T, Ohta Y, Mawaribuchi S, Jenkins J, Grimwood J, Schmutz J, Mitros T, Mozaffari SV, Suzuki Y, Haramoto Y, Yamamoto TS, Takagi C, Heald R, Miller K, Haudenschild C, Kitzman J, Nakayama T, Izutsu Y, Robert J, Fortriede J, Burns K, Lotay V, Karimi K, Yasuoka Y, Dichmann DS, Flajnik MF, Houston DW, Shendure J, DuPasquier L, Vize PD, Zorn AM, Ito M, Marcotte EM, Wallingford JB, Ito Y, Asashima M, Ueno N, Matsuda Y, Veenstra GJ, Fujiyama A, Harland RM, Taira M, Rokhsar DS. Nature, 2016

Ciliary transcription factors and miRNAs precisely regulate Cp110 levels required for ciliary adhesions and ciliogenesis.

Walentek P, Quigley IK, Sun DI, Sajjan UK, Kintner C, Harland RM. eLife, 2016

Prdm12 specifies V1 interneurons through cross-repressive interactions with Dbx1 and Nkx6 genes in Xenopus.

Thélie A, Desiderio S, Hanotel J, Quigley IK, Van Driessche B, Rodari A, Borromeo MD, Kricha S, Lahaye F, Croce J, Cerda-Moya G, Fernandez JO, Bolle B, Lewis KE, Sander M, Pierani A, Schubert M, Johnson JE, Kintner CR, Pieler T, Van Lint C, Henningfeld KA, Bellefroid EJ, Van Campenhout C. Development, 2015

Multicilin drives centriole biogenesis via E2f proteins.
Ma L, Quigley IK, Omran H, Kintner C. Genes and Development, 2014
Specification of ion transport cells in the Xenopus larval skin.
Quigley IK, Stubbs JL, Kintner C. Development, 2011
A member of the six gene family promotes the specification of P cell fates in the O/P equivalence group of the leech Helobdella.
Quigley IK, Schmerer MW, Shankland M. Developmental Biology, 2010
Hau-Pax6A expression in the central nervous system of the leech embryo.
Quigley IK, Xie X, Shankland M. Development, Genes, and Evolution, 2007
Evolutionary diversification of pigment pattern in Danio fishes: differential fms dependence and stripe loss in D. albolineatus
Quigley IK, Manuel JL, Roberts RA, Nuckels RJ, Herrington ER, MacDonald EL, Parichy DM. Development, 2005
Pigment pattern evolution by differential deployment of neural crest and post-embryonic melanophore lineages in Danio fishes.
Quigley IK, Turner JM, Nuckels RJ, Manuel JL, Budi EH, MacDonald EL, Parichy DM. Development, 2004

Review articles

What we can learn from a tadpole about ciliopathies and airway diseases: Using systems biology in Xenopus to study cilia and mucociliary epithelia. 
Walentek P, Quigley IK. Genesis, 2017
Pigment pattern formation in zebrafish: a model for developmental genetics and the evolution of form.
Quigley IK, Parichy DM. Microscopy Research and Technique, 2002